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We are Union Billiards

Union Billiards is the oldest and most prestigious billiards brand on the African continent. Successfully manufacturing, installing and servicing hard wood snooker and pool tables in homes, private clubs and recreational venues since 1954, we are the best at what we do, and always will be the Professionals’ Choice.

Staying ahead of an ever-changing marketplace, we’ve needed to be dynamic, flexible and innovative. To that end, we’ve evolved into a company who offers the full range of billiards products and services. We import great products and manufacture even better ones.

We take pride in what we do, believe in old fashion values; deal with high integrity and create win-win scenarios for all.

Our Brands

We are the proud owners of Thurstons, Hurricane and Superpro. Furthermore we hold the sole agencies for Peradon, Omin, Hainsworth and Fusion Tables by Aramith.


The owner of Union Billiards, Denis Page, purchased the company in 2016 embarking on a mission to take the brand back to its heyday. Already significant changes have been made on all fronts, none more so than the visibility of Union Billiards. Having showcased products at the Rand Show, Hyde Park, South African Defence Force Pool Championships and the All African Pool Championships in 2018 alone, 2019 is set for a year of firsts and lots of exciting activity with Denis at the helm. He has been in the manufacture and import business for almost two decades and is known for both his high integrity and fair business dealings.


Our General Manager, Jacques Oosthuizen, is an astute leader with a keen eye for detail. He goes to great lengths to ensure that our high standards are adhered to. Jacques also happens to be a master chef, and his care to detail probably stems from years of being judged by the quality of every dish he’s ever served up.


The Cape Town Branch Manager, Paul Oosthuizen, has a corporate banking background and is an avid cricketer. He is by far the youngest of the group and has no silver streaks or even hair to mention. He does however have a good head for numbered balls as his leadership in the fair Cape has increased turnover year on year. Furthermore, having intimate relationships with the majority of our big clients makes this youngster an all-rounder on the cricket field and in the billiard industry.


Rounding off this dapper bunch of good fellas, is the Marketing Manager, Juanaine Nicholas. A misspent youth playing with sticks and balls saw him become a multiple SA Pool Champion, travelling the world as an ambassador and multiple capped Protea player. His years of billiard experience gives him a unique insight into what constitutes world-class equipment for professional players.

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