Hainsworth Smart Cloth Full Size

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Hainsworth® SMART has been proven to last longer due to it’s unique construction and processing, specific only to Hainsworth.  The Hainsworth Smart cloths are all tested in our laboratory using the most up to date testing machines and procedures.   Test results prove the strength and durability  of the Hainsworth Smart cloth to be greater than that of any competition cloth.   The Hainsworth Smart cloth is also faster than leading brands of similar weight.

Abrasion testing:   The cloths are rubbed using an abrasive head to simulate the wear.  The test is stopped when the cloth reaches breaking point.  Breaking point can be detected when one or more of the yarn threads break through completely.    As you can see from below, the  competitive cloths tested  to a  break point of  16,000  but the Hainsworth Smart cloth didn’t  break  even at  50,000 rubs proving that  Hainsworth Smart  has a far greater life span than  any other cloth in the market.

Colours: See colour chart

Weight: 460gsm


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